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The International Society for Otitis Media is a non-profit organization that provides an international forum to advance the frontiers of research, education, and patient care as they relate to otitis media.  The Society will achieve this mission by (a) disseminating information about otitis media, (b) supporting, coordinating, and enhancing efforts to improve communication and collaboration among Society Members, related disciplines, and related societies, (c) facilitating otitis media research by creating and exchanging knowledge, and (d) sponsoring meetings at which those interested in otitis media can present new research, identify research needs, and work collaboratively to promote optimal clinical management.

Tania Sih

Letter from the President

During the OM2015 meeting ISOM had its first General Assembly. Since then, the leadership of ISOM has met frequently over several intercontinental conference calls the last 2 years to elaborate strategies and decisions as we plan for our next meeting in Golden Coast, Australia. It has been a pleasure to work to keep many items aligned. 

The last 2 years has shown much activity among ISOM Committees that include History and Archives, Bylaws, Finance, Nominating, Membership, IT, Membership, Education, Research, Development and Long-Range Planning.  In addition, the ISOM website (www.OtitisMediaSociety.org) has been significantly enhanced and the several newsletters have been distributed.

A great scientific contribution was done by the research symposium organized by Lauren Bakaletz that culminated in an updated summary published in April 2017, which features reviews of all aspects of otitis media research.  Thanks to the effort of Richard Rosenfeld, an online supplement from Otolaryngology–Head and Neck Surgery Journal, is now available at www.otojournal.org. It presents 8 state-of the art reviews that came out from the Post Symposium conference from the OM2015 Meeting.  This summary of the current best evidence also highlights research gaps and challenges for future work to anyone that is interested in otitis media. 

The 19th International Symposium on Recent Advances in Otitis Media that will be held on June, 4-8, at Gold Coast, Australia will bring together international and Australian experts, to share knowledge of recent science and clinical practice for otitis media. The scientific program committee, chaired by Allan Cripps, has assembled several plenary sessions, oral presentations, workshops, panel discussions, poster sessions, a trade exhibition, as well as social events. The program will address diagnosis, prevention strategies, treatment, epidemiology, pathogenesis, microbiology, immunology, complications and sequelae, animal models and otitis media in Indigenous and high risk populations. The meeting will give us the opportunity to share recent research, discuss ideas, and to enable an ongoing, international, multidisciplinary conversation. We look forward to collaborating with colleagues and professionals from different fields of otitis media, across the globe.

Since the beginning of our organization, setting forward the structures of ISOM it is important to mention the work of Robert Ruben, Richard Rosenfeld, Joseph Kerschner, Margaretha Casselbrant and Lauren Bakaletz. They have truly set us up for success and have guided us in our first years to pave the solid foundations of our organization.     It has been an honor and privilege to serve as the second president of this growing society. At the conclusion of the Gold Coast Meeting I will pass the presidential torch to Joseph Kerschner, our tireless Secretary and President-Elect. I very much look forward to personally sharing the excitement with you this June in Australia.

With warm regards,

Tania M. Sih, MD, PhD

President, International Society for Otitis Media


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