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General Discussion / Amazing young pussy !
« on: March 27, 2019, 06:49:32 AM »
Elly leaned in very, very close. "I think the reason you aren't giving in," she cooed, is that you like me doing this to you. But there's one thing you don't know..."Melissa and I headed off to dinner and I watched Lynn and Chris go their way. From that moment, I wouldn't see my wife till the next morning. As for Melissa and I, we enjoyed a relaxing dinner and drinks together. Unlike the previous night, the connection between Melissa and I seemed to be on a deeper level than just sex. Following dinner, Melissa and I took a stroll around the hotel property enjoying each others company. Not much was said between us, but the time spent holding hands and the tender moments we shared were a stark difference to the animalistic lust that had been the driving force of the previous night. We made our way up to our suite and when we entered, we could see that Chris and Lynn had already made their way to their room earlier. We made our way to our room and on the way we passed the door to the room where my wife and Chris were, we could hear moans of passion, but unlike the night before, tonight the door was closed. At first, I though it strange that I knew my wife was in that room having sex with another man and I was not going to be a part of it I wasnt even allowed to watch, but I trusted both she and Chris."Oh, I think I'll manage," John said with a grin. "But that's not important now. Would you really like to get back at him somehow?"While we were cleaning up, I could hear Anne's very loud cries of pleasure from the other room. Obviously, they were not making pancakes. I started towards the door to watch, but Janet pushed me back towards the shower, saying, "They left us alone, now go take your shower."
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Kelly responded by relaxing her mouth, letting her tongue run around the head of his cock each time it would slide in or out. John could tell by the look on Mr. Henderson's face that he was going to cum quickly, probably because of the feeling of fucking around with a high school girl."Forget Jenna!" Doug snapped. "That girl looks like she's leaving!""No, it's a pleasure. John's a good kid and he'll beat you one of these days, even if we don't."She hesitated and looked over at Doug again. I felt my hopes rise, but with a sigh she said, "No. For or all I know you could be filming me."

General Discussion / Nice black girls ?
« on: March 27, 2019, 05:49:07 AM »
Her soft fingers began sliding up and down my meat along with her mouth, exciting so much of my erection that I knew I wouldn't be able to hold off for long. As her warm mouth sucked me and her slippery, soft fingers slid tightly over my erection, I felt the familiar tingles starting again in my body.Ruths fingers slipped almost unconsciously down her loose shirt and traveled to her own breasts.I wasn't sure what she meant. I looked back at her quizzically.And then there was Elly. Elly, with her long, slender, quick fingers. Elly, with her rough tongue, her lush lips, her gleaming eyes, loud purr, and perky catlike eats that betrayed unbearable horninesshorniness that was being very much seen to. Elly, with her rough, wicked, cruel tongue.
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Without waiting for him to respond, I grabbed my purse from the stool next to him. Taking his hand, I led him through the crowd towards the front of the club. We had just passed through the doors and past the guys checking the id's of the kids coming in when I heard my name called. I turned to see Jenna hurrying after us."Where were you, slow pokes?" she asked."I lied!" Ia whimpered, hating her Mistress, hating herself. "Liedliedlied"I didn't either. Without looking at Anne or Kent, I kept teasing her nipple until she began breathing heavy. I thought maybe I had gone too far, so I let go of her. Jan seemed a bit disappointed that I had stopped. So did Kent and Anne. Janet slid back into her chair and resumed eating. She made no effort to retrieve her bra from the floor, remaining deliciously topless. Janet closed her eyes for a moment, savoring the heat from the fireplace.

General Discussion / Amazing negro ass .
« on: March 21, 2019, 02:51:37 AM »
"We've got to be careful about mom and dad though," John reminded her."Kelly!" John said, his face turning crimson and his cock twitching in his shorts.Kent stopped kidding around, and suddenly got serious about eating her tasty peach.He was practically gasping for breath, now, taking in more and more of the delectable scents. He slid further back against the wall. Had to fight... had to flee... had to fuck..."Mmm, hmm!" Anne concurred. She drew her knees under her, splayed them wide, and thrust her cute little bottom in the air for him. Kent got down and arched over the top of my wife, working his well-slathered prick into her pussy from behind. Anne moaned her appreciation.Janet smiled slyly, and then seductively slid out of her chair to the floor beneath the table. Kent made a big production as his wife's head obviously came into contact with his lap. He pushed his chair back from the table, a supremely satisfied smile on his face. I could see the top of her head bobbing gently, as if she was actually giving him head. Curious, I leaned over to look. Sure enough, Jan really had his cock out of his underwear and in her mouth. Anne glanced across at me and shrugged, as if to say, "Whatever happens, happens." Janet sucked her husband's cock while under the table for maybe a minute, and with a loud slurp, stopped. Kent immediately complained she wasn't through, but Janet promised, "I'll finish you off later, for dessert".
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   My cock was now mostly hard, between Cassidy's insistent rubbing and feeling her big, firm, bare breasts against my chest. "Then let me feel this big cock inside of me.""To our Lovely wives!" I responded with my own mug.SimitArabalari July 31, 2017 at 9:16 amI wonder what John's doing today, she thought, a smile crossing her face when she thought of her big gorgeous twin brother. She knew all the girls at school got wet whenever they saw him.The womans body reminded her of Rubenss paintings: fleshy, broad-hipped, with generous breasts Still, all in proportion. The only difference Ruth could find was the black hair at the peak of her inner thighs, which the owner seemed to be displaying to the street with nonchalance. Ruths neck seemed to double in temperature out of embarrassment, both for watching and the flagrant display; however, she had the feeling that she was the only one watching. Sudden awareness of that fact made her start, and she glanced back at the door to the storeroom, only partially obscured by a half-empty bookshelf. She felt calmer when she saw that it was closed, but her pulse continued to thrum below her damp blouse.~~~~"The heat feels good on my bare skin." Jan said aloud. She opened her eyes, looking at Anne, daring her. My wife didn't hesitate a second. Anne tossed off the tank top while still sitting in her chair. Kent and I whooped loudly. Then Anne stood up, a wicked smile on her lips, as she stared at Jan. Anticipating what (I hoped) was coming, Janet stood as well. Anne hooked her thumbs under the thin straps of her thong. Jan did the same with her sheer panties. Like an Old West showdown, both women maneuvered for a quick strip as Kent and I eagerly watched. The table was positioned close to the fireplace; the bright glow highlighted both of their lovely bodies.Cassidy hesitated just a second before saying, "Okay."

General Discussion / Crazy ebony bodies ???
« on: March 21, 2019, 02:48:33 AM »
An interesting story again too. Lovely Shot!I crawled up along side of her and immediately fastened my mouth around her left nipple. After taking a second to remove his jeans and shoes, Doug crawled up on the other side of her and began sucking her other nipple.The two ladies swapped places and before they resumed their oral pleasures, we discussed where all of this would lead. None of us had ever had any sexual experiences with anyone other than our respective spouses. We talked briefly about how THIS would be the extent of any sort of swapping. Everyone agreed and with that conversation and consensual agreement, the tension of sharing sexual pleasure with someone other than our spouse faded away. In the few moments of our discussion, we had moved around a bit so that Chris and I were sitting relatively close to each other and I had Melissa on my right and Lynn was on Chris left. The two ladies began their countdown again and when they hit 0 resumed their oral pleasure skills, now sucking on a new cock."OK, Buddy. Let's see what happens!" He clinked his beer to mine.There was a slight smile on her lips. I felt my stomach turn again. The last thing we needed was her running her mouth to her parents that we were here. Jenna wouldn't know, but they might figure it out, especially if they had ever noticed the occasional young girl coming and going late at night from our house.Read More
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   "Hey, John, I've got some lumber I need to move that's too big for me to handle by myself. If you're interested in helping me, I'll give you a few dollars for your trouble."And this isn't?!! I thought to myself, but what I said was, "Are you serious?"A Case for Lady-Ladles: Why Being Big Spoon is AwesomeJenna laughed. "Hey, that's funny; I was just telling Mrs. Wilson the same thing about you guys!""The point is to cum on my face, remember," Cassidy responded. Her eyes moved to my still engorged cock wrapped tightly in my hand. "Go ahead, honey, cum on my pretty face."Anne turned to the rest of us. "They're going to grab a quick shower and come over. Is that OK with everyone?" Then to me she said "She has an accent, German I think.""Oh," John began, and then gasped as Kelly again leaned over and took his cock back into her mouth. "God, Kelly, that feels so good," he said as Kelly began to bob up and down on his peter."I haven't even gotten this out yet!" Elly sang, and Ia heard her draw something out with her free hand. Ia's eyes opened unwillingly.

General Discussion / Amazing really black bodies ???
« on: March 21, 2019, 02:45:42 AM »
"Hell, yes," John said. "We're going to be rich if we do this.""Jesus, Kelly," John breathed, staring at her. "That's asking a lot."They were soft and warm, and I gasped despite myself. They attacked mine by way of an answer, overcoming my mouth with gradual, yet unwavering intensityLELO Sex Position of the Week: An Even KneelI murmured "Mmm...hmmm." Over and over into Janet's flowing pussy, to let Anne know I was getting close. With an extended thrust, I released my semen into my wife's mouth, who greedily drank in down. While Anne sucked the remainder from my cock, I brought Jan off with a combination of tongue and fingers. Though not as intense as her first orgasm, her spasms lasted several moments. Though I wasn't able to discern it at the time, Kent later assured me his come was flowing down his wife's throat at nearly the same instant."Sweetheart, I'm going to see if Kent needs a hand in the kitchen. Love you." I called.
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   "Jenna, s-stop that," I hissed at her. "Iow!"She squealed as using both hands and gave her tiny pink nipples a pinch. I felt her back lifting off the bed and sucking her clit hard into my mouth started running my tongue across it while my fingers drove into her even harder. Jenna's thighs were trembling violently and she started thrusting her pussy into my tongue and hand as I coaxed her to cum for me again. It wasn't easy concentrating on what I was doing with Doug's big dick plunging into me, but I so wanted her to cum in my face.When she had finished sucking all of the cum from him, she smiled while stuffing his cock back into his pants before standing up and zipping him up."Oh great! I have a HUGE favor to ask," she responded. Now I was sure from her speech that she had been drinking."Oh, shit," she moaned. "God that looks good!"Ia couldn't even thrash anymore. She was bound too tightly. She couldn't try to tune it out. It was infusing her whole being, now. Couldn't even curse her captors, as she knew this would get her punished even worse.Knock it off. This is a girl we used to babysit when she was a kid. In fact we were still sitting her in a way. She wasn't checking me out, and God knows I shouldn't be looking at her, but as she had said, damn!"Damn Kelly," he exclaimed, his hands moving to cup both of her big full tits, his fingers finding her nipples and squeezing them. "You are very beautiful and your tits are really nice."

General Discussion / Hot african ass ?
« on: March 21, 2019, 02:42:54 AM »
We did the usual tourist things: bought trinkets and souvenirs, ate at the restaurant from our engagement, and flirted with each other. One of the shops specialized in lingerie. It was nearly an hour, and several hundred dollars later before we left. We pretty much behaved ourselves in public, but when safely out of general viewing, I'm sure we confused any passerby of who was married to whom. We spent several hours wandering and buying. By late afternoon our arms were full of bags and packages. If we were going to get any skiing done today, it would have to be soon. The winter sun was setting when we pulled up to the cabin and began carrying our loot in."Uh-huh...Yeah...Oh, yes!" She continued to listen, but looked around at us.The girl groaned in despair."My, how generous of you.""Now that I have some spare cash, I wanted to show you how much I appreciate what you've done for me." She hesitated, then asked, "May I come in? I wanted to ask you something."It knows what it wants, he thought numbly. He imagined kneeling down in the archway and begging her to... no, he couldn't think these things...
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   Elly put one finger to her pouting lips, looking quizzical. "If you're not a knight, she said, with a thoughtful tone, "what are you, Ia?""Well, what's wrong with telling your brother that you think he's a hunk?" Kelly asked. "You are. Don't you think I'm nice to look at?" she asked, pirouetting in front of him."Yes," Kelly said. "If you agree to that if I agree to try your idea.""I'm fine, how are you?""No, I'll be on the bottom, you can lean over me." Here we go, again, can't agree on anything."I want that!" Jenna moaned. "Oh, please fuck me like that! Please Doug? I'll be....oh!"We all looked at each other in shocked surprise. Then as one our gaze turned out the window to the house across the road.April 20, 2017

General Discussion / Wet really black bodies ???
« on: March 21, 2019, 02:40:04 AM »
"Look Becca," I said, stepping closer to her, "You were really into me and we can have a good time and you like guys, so, I mean..." I smiled and took her hand. "Think of how much fun it could be. We'll go nice and slow and we can start and"And that's when I finally got it. Cassidy just didn't care. It wasn't a big deal at all to her that we had done something sexual, or that she had showed me her breasts, or asked me to jizz in her hair. She didn't really care.Kent clearly enjoyed Anja's oral ministrations. He tossed his head and groaned."I can't wait for next time," she said. "Do you really think that dad's other friends would like to fuck me too?" she asked. "I think I'd like that.""I just wanted to know if you thought I was worth $1,000.00," Kelly said to his back as he exited the water."You want to dance with me?" I gestured towards all the people around us. "All these pretty girls and you want someone who could be your mom?"
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   John certainly knew that there had to be a way to capitalize on the fact that his twin sister Kelly had lost her virginity and was regularly getting laid. Even though they were only 18 years of age, John had enough of his father in him to always try to find a way to capitalize on a situation. That's what comes from having a stockbroker for a father. The fact that he was totally in love with his sister and always had been, and that just made it a little harder to cope with. They had taken baths together when they were three to five years old and he could still remember how her pussy looked with no hair on it. He had constantly heard his father espousing the philosophy that business was business and friendship was friendship and you couldn't let the two get in the way of each other if they were both to succeed. And since his father had made millions of dollars in the market, John knew his father knew what he was talking about."Hmmm..." I mused, "D'ya think the girls planned this together?"Cassidy, on the other hand, seemed to have no problems asking for my assistance. The first time was a weeknight, where I was predictably hanging out on the couch watching tv.I stepped back to the counter. As I tried to figure out what to say, she made my night by speaking first."I know so many girls who would give anything to go out with you," she said. "I mean, you're the best looking guy in the whole school.""And he said yes?""Quit it, you two." Anne was laughing at us. "I'll make the fucking phone call."Kent turned towards me, smiling broadly. "We've talked about it, off and on."

General Discussion / Beatiful latinas bodies .
« on: March 21, 2019, 02:37:10 AM »
"What do you mean by that?" John asked again."Ya know, when it's dark out, you can see right through these windows." I said, pointing across the road to the neighboring home."Go easy," I told him. "Let me see it.""Okay, I'll wait here," Kelly said, noticing that his eyes stayed on her chest again.I knew Cassidy's sexy body was going to be a huge distraction for me the second she moved in. She showed up with her first few boxes of stuff wearing booty shorts and a tank top over a sports bra. When she was walking away from me, I couldn't stop looking at her impossibly shapely round ass. When she was walking towards me, I couldn't stop stealing glances at her large, round breasts pressed firmly against the tightly constraining fabric of her sports bra."Fuck, that's hot," Doug said in between deep breaths.
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   "All I care about right now is Doug coming." She winked as she lowered herself to the floor next to me. "Right in my mouth!""Is this business too?" Kelly asked, licking his cock once again.She blushed again and lowered her eyes. "I...I do like girls sometimes and you're really beautiful!""Look Honey, a nipple ring!" she announced to everyone.I sucked her little clit up between my lips and rubbed at it with both my tongue and my lips. Cassidy's back arched deeply, almost bucking my mouth off of her pussy as she moaned. She seemed to love it as I rubbed at her trapped little pleasure bud, so I did it again... and again... and again....Her right hand slid into the front of her shorts and she stroked herself over her panties, through which she could already feel wetness. She smiled to herself, touching herself directly. The touch was electric: she had never felt sparks as she ran her index finger over her clit. She used that sensation to continue caressing, slowly. Soon she stopped perceiving the current that had pushed her to continue to before and instead fed it with increased pressure and speed. She threw back her head, closed her eyes, and then inserted a finger inside.His cock throbbed at the praise. "I..." Okino tried to swallow, but his throat had gone dry. "I," he croaked.As the laughter subsided, Anne whispered in my ear. "Sweetheart, I think he's too big for me."

General Discussion / Hot black fat .
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Elly's eyes glittered in delight. "Then you'll help me capture and brainwash your friends?""Of course I would! But I thought Jan..."As I met her on the top step, she looked down at my tits and licked her lips. "I bet they're beautiful," she whispered.But then, the brunette returned to the balcony with something purple in her hands. Ruth did not know what it was until she began to lick it avidly, revealing an unmistakable phallic shape. It was a dildo, larger than one she had ever seen, both in thickness and length. Ruth froze at the realization of what it was and blushed: it was gigantic! Was she really going to put that into her?Her right hand slid into the front of her shorts and she stroked herself over her panties, through which she could already feel wetness. She smiled to herself, touching herself directly. The touch was electric: she had never felt sparks as she ran her index finger over her clit. She used that sensation to continue caressing, slowly. Soon she stopped perceiving the current that had pushed her to continue to before and instead fed it with increased pressure and speed. She threw back her head, closed her eyes, and then inserted a finger inside."That didn't end too well, now, did it?" Doug asked as I reached him.
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   "No, that won't work. They'll just keep coming back. You'll have to kill them to make them stop stinging your nipples. Your nipples are really hurting now, so quick, crush the wasps. They have really hard shells, so you'll have to squeeze as hard as you can." The girl groaned as she pinched her nipples hard, trying to kill the wasps."I'm happy to see you, too. Did you sleep well?" He asked.John and Kelly saw each other several times during the day at school. They even having one class in common and it seemed like one of the longest days ever before the last class ended and they met at their bicycles.It was the catgirl who'd hypnotized him before! 'Mew', the one they'd been waiting for! He stared up in awe at her gorgeous freckled face, longing for her to start teasing him the way her sisters had."Damn, she drives as fast as she moves.""Kelly, what are you doing?" he asked, shocked beyond belief."Okay," John agreed, trying not to smile to hugely."What should I wear" Kelly asked.

General Discussion / Crazy latinas BBW .
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"Aww, don't be like that." She pouted again. "You keep asking if they know I'm here, so I figured I would do the same thing. Now let's go!" She tugged on my hand. "Just one and I won't ask again!"Her eyes widened. "Big!" She replied."John, why don't you ever go out with any of the girls?" Kelly suddenly asked, pushing up so that she was propped on her elbows."It's not too late though!" she cooed. "You just need to not swallow!""Forget Jenna!" Doug snapped. "That girl looks like she's leaving!""Yeah," John replied, nodding his head.
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   Janet sighed, "OK." She flipped her towel loose and rolled her eyes. She looked rather sexy with the towel at her feet."Jenna, enough," I said, sounding about as convincing as Doug.It was the catgirl who'd hypnotized him before! 'Mew', the one they'd been waiting for! He stared up in awe at her gorgeous freckled face, longing for her to start teasing him the way her sisters had."You could have discussed this before," I pointed out, scowling."Sweetheart, you're the Outtie for my Innie." She often tells me that.When Cassidy went for drinks at one point late in the evening, two guys at the bar sidled up to either side of her and started chatting her up. Whatever they said worked like a charm, and Cassidy was soon laughing and patting the taller of the two guys on the arm. The twinkle was back in her blue eyes, and she looked like she was soaking up the attention.Afterwards, Cassidy quickly changed and left to meet friends. I masturbated that night remembering the look of overwhelming ecstasy on her pretty face... and my cum spurting between her gentle hands."This is going to be great," Kelly sighed, feeling thoroughly fucked for the first time in her young life.

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So I just sat there, waited until Cassidy left, and then went into my room and jerked off to porn. The whole time I was thinking about how firm Cassidy's breast had felt in my hand, and how soft her fingers had felt as she rubbed the orgasm out of me. Just before climax, I was kicking myself for not having spoken up and asked for her to do something. And when I came, I pictured myself buried deep in her pussy, her curvy, young body spread out beneath me."Really! What do you mean?" Kelly asked.All the Right Moves: The Best Sex Positions for People with Mobility IssuesHe blatantly gave me a good long up and down stare."Well, I know it sounds selfish, but I hope it doesn't work out.""Then come in the water with me," she said, "or I'll come out there and drag you in, clothes and all.""Making sure my dick still fit." I nodded towards Kurt and Janet.
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   "Aren't you going to get dressed?" he asked.Boots weren't made for stepping softly, thought Tiffany; and the idea that Buford could tread gently on anything with his boots on struck her as absurd: He wasn't clumsy, exactly; but she would never call him graceful either. Moreover, the thought that her doctor would undoubtedly tell her not to let Buford use his boots on her labia irritated her, since to her mind he was not guilty of doing that; instead, she thought he was doing just the opposite: She thought Buford was using her labia on his boots. "It's my pussy lips' responsibility to protect the soles of your boots from getting chafed, not the other way around!" she exclaimed."That's the sweetest pussy I've ever tasted, Kelly," he said, pulling her to him and kissing her, his tongue invading her mouth where to his surprise she sucked on it vigorously."Oh, fuck yeah!" Doug cried out."Good morning to you. I'll get right on it." Kent replied, rather cheerfully."You ate my pussy so nice," Kelly purred, kissing him. "Will you fuck me now?""Oh God," was all I managed, as my hand slid up and down my cock and I looked at Cassidy's smooth, smiling cheeks. Seeing Cassidy's sparkling blue eyes looking up at me, the smile on her full, pink lips, I lost total control. The orgasm burned up suddenly through my loins and burst out in a surge of pleasure through my cock. I managed to keep my eyes open, transfixed by Cassidy's dazzling white smile as she closed her eyes, and my first thick, hot rope of cum splattered squarely over her smiling, pink lips. My cock pulsed again, and another rope of cum landed on Cassidy's smooth right cheek. Then another on her chin, and another drawing a while line on her soft, pink lips. Finally my cock sent a weak glob onto the tub between my feet, but the orgasm continued to light up and tantalize my body for several seconds afterwards, as I soaked in the view of Cassidy's sexy, pale face covered by my hot, white cum.We pored through the basket as we debated what to do next. Kent was examining the bottles.

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"Bravo!" said the boy at last, although he was still enjoying the show. "You've got the stingers out! You can relax now.""I'm sorry I didn't dress up for you." She said."Right now," Kelly panted, frantically working at his zipper and reaching in for his cock. As soon as she had him exposed she turned and bent over, her hands flat on the floor."Bacon, or sausage?""But why the thing about me?" he asked.When he finally succeeded in completely burying his cock inside of her, all John could see was the base of his shaft with Kelly's clit sticking out above it. Slowly Mr. Henderson began to ease his cock in and out of Kelly's pussy, picking up the pace as he became thoroughly coated with her slick pussy juice. Quickly he was slamming his cock in and out of her pussy, her inner vagina lips clinging to his magnificent cock each time he drew back, only to disappear inside of her again when he thrust back inside of her. Her clit stuck out like the tip of his little finger now, rubbing against the shaft of his cock each time it slid by, causing Kelly to have one continual orgasm after another.
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   "Good morning to you. I'll get right on it." Kent replied, rather cheerfully."So did I, all night," Tom replied, laughing. ?It was really exciting for me to fuck your sister, especially since she goes to classes with my daughter Becky. You know her don?t you??"Cassidy, you're hot," I tried, still rubbing my eyes and not sure if I should stop this or encourage it. "But you said no sex."An all-you-can-eat buffet!" I responded, laughing before taking a sip of my drink.The New STI You Havent Heard About YetAnd then he was sliding against the wall. His knees buckled completely. His ass touched the soft carpet. Defeat coursed through him, and it felt..."He gets that all the time, that women think he might hurt them. This is not true." She said, defensively."Yes!" Ia squealed. "Yes!"

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"I bet everything about you is," I said, resisting the urge to kiss her right then and there. I didn't see any lights on around us, but still, no need to take a chance. I could wait another minute."No!" I snapped in frustration. "Christ, Doug, are you serious? That's Jim and Laurie's daughter!""Well, that's a laugh," Jason said. "Yes, you might one day beat me, but I think it might take you a bit more than a year to get that good."He pointed to the mirror and I saw Jenna turn her head slightly. I gave her a wink and then moaned as seeing me she slowly eased Doug's cock from her mouth, "How do I look sucking your husband's cock?""You're joking!" Tom said.The note was signed "Kurt & Anja". There was a second page, a picture, actually. It was of a very attractive, very blonde couple. They were well dressed and smiling pleasantly at the camera. Handwritten at the bottom was a phone number, and the message "If you like what you see, and would like more company, please call."
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   "Boundaries?" she responded. "You've cum in my hair, on my face twice, and now we've had sex. You've seen me naked and gone down on me more times than I can count. I think we passed through most of the boundaries a long time ago."The Best Orgasm Survey Youll Ever Take"I'm sorry!" she cried. "Sorry, sorry! So sorry! Please, Mistress!" The fairy behind her brought the feather across the nape of her neck, and her whole back arched. "Pleeeease!"What the hell yourself?" I demanded as the door opened. "Don't you knock?!"Flattered, Tiffany smiled. She decided to buy a bottle of champagne when she turned 21. "Now I know how to celebrate my birthday!" she thought out loud."Well, I guess so," Kelly said, giggling. "I mean, why would you want me?"I thought to myself that the smiles of wonderment on Kent and Janet's faces were probably because Kurt and Anja were attractive strangers, not old and dear friends like Anne and I. Maybe it seemed almost natural for them to be naked and have sex with Anne and me the night before. Yesterday and this morning they were very casual, now they were tense with eager anticipation. We engaged in the usual small talk when meeting new people. Usual except for the fact that everyone was nude, or nearly so. Kurt was a Software Engineer, Anja a Graphics Designer. They had two grown children, a son living and working in Texas, and a daughter finishing her senior year at UW. In turn, we told them of our jobs and families. Apart from the lingering accents, they were very American. Delightfully, they still retained their very polite, European manners. Then Anja surprised the Hell out of me. Kurt was telling us about a trip to New Horizons (so that's why Anne said "small world" on the phone. We're members, too.) People there were remarking how he sounded so much like Arnold Schwarzenegger. At the Club, he told us, his nickname is "Ah-nold".Boots weren't made for stepping softly, thought Tiffany; and the idea that Buford could tread gently on anything with his boots on struck her as absurd: He wasn't clumsy, exactly; but she would never call him graceful either. Moreover, the thought that her doctor would undoubtedly tell her not to let Buford use his boots on her labia irritated her, since to her mind he was not guilty of doing that; instead, she thought he was doing just the opposite: She thought Buford was using her labia on his boots. "It's my pussy lips' responsibility to protect the soles of your boots from getting chafed, not the other way around!" she exclaimed.

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As Doug moaned, I watched with my pussy dripping as Jenna moved her head is a slow rhythm. She was whimpering around his cock as my fingers began rubbing her clit in hard fast circles. She was starting to grind her hips back into me and with a smile at Doug; I ducked my head and began sucking on his balls. His hips jerked and his knee began to move up and down, as he grew closer. My pussy was on fire as my two lovers were both closing in on coming. Removing my mouth from his balls, I eased his cock from Jenna's mouth and took it into my own.Elly had been holding back this entire time."Damn, she's perfect!" Doug whispered. "And right next door!"Yes, Ia was pretty sure she had, in fact! She sort of remembered now..."You like my breasts?" Cassidy asked as my fingers slipped over the tip of one of her big, firm mounds. I was drinking in the sight of her pale, smooth tit flesh being washed by the water."Yeah, are you supposed to have sex with everybody, or what?" Janet wondered.
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   "Hello, John," Tom said, shaking his hand. "More practice?"It FINALLY dawned on me where this was going, and I was so surprised that it felt like the whole apartment spun for a second."That's a good idea," Tom said. "Why don't we say 8:00 tomorrow night at my office, okay?""If you don't like it," she said sweetly, "just make me stop.""Then, let's go!" As I spoke, I extended my hand and to my delight she smiled and took it."Hey, you watch yourself there," Tom warned him sternly. "You're talking about my daughter.""The point is to cum on my face, remember," Cassidy responded. Her eyes moved to my still engorged cock wrapped tightly in my hand. "Go ahead, honey, cum on my pretty face."Anne said "I don't know, I don't keep score." Anne looked at me emphatically, knowing I kept a notebook of our "hobby".

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The next morning John got up early to do the yard work that was his chore for the weekend. He enjoyed doing this and he worked up a good sweat by the time he stopped and went into the house to join everyone else for breakfast. Kelly gave him a strange look as he sat down, but he just smiled at her, his eyes lingering on her nipples under the thin t-shirt."You do what you want to, son," Jason said.But whatever she was begging for, she didn't get it, because she only started to pant harder, to bounce faster in his lap.I stood there silently, with no idea what she was about to say but allowing her silence to put together her thoughts. Finally, she surprised me by giggling, looking at me with a twinkle in her deep blue eyes. Then she continued.Come.She trailed off.
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   "Right." He nodded and looked at me.And he loved it. It felt so good to earn their praise, mocking as it was. He longed for more. More proof of their affections, no matter how double-edged."You boys get to clean the table." Janet directed.She punctuated that remark by taking him deep and sliding her tongue out worked her mouth slowly back up, her protruding tongue pressed against his shaft. She removed his cock, and then with another lust-inspiring giggle, pointed his cock at my face. Doug was staring excitedly at me and sliding my tongue out shoved it into the slit of his dick. I pulled it back, taking a trail of pre-cum with me, and as he watched, slurped it back up.Ia's eyelids fluttered. She was lost in denial, but Elly's words sank into her like poison from a frog's back, suffusing her."Be firm, Doug," I whispered to him. "We can't!""Aren't you going to get dressed?" he asked.Tags EROTIC FICTION LESBIAN MASTURBATION VOYEURISM

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