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General Discussion / Wet party BBW ???
« on: March 27, 2019, 06:34:05 AM »
LELO Sex Position of the Week: The Push & Pull"Silly tickleslut," hissed the redhead in his ear, nibbling his earlobe affectionately. "He doesn't wanna fight! He doesn't wanna cum! He told us himself!""Why so shy, honey? Why don't you see how excited Doug is to be playing with those pretty tits of yours?""You ate my pussy so nice," Kelly purred, kissing him. "Will you fuck me now?"
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I lifted my gaze from her fingers and when our eyes met, a shiver ran through my body. And now? We were beyond words, because it was impossible for anyone to express everything that this made me feel. And even if they existed, I would have been unable to formulate a sentence at all. But no, we did not have to talk either, because our eyes connected and they said it all, silently but without question."I have some jerseys and an old sweatshirt that would be big enough for you," Cassidy parried. "You just know you're going to be wrong."Think about it, Elly cooed. You're so crazy-dumb with horniness right now, you're screaming over a silly little paintbrush! But me? She lowered the runerod again and shoved it into herself, moaning loudly. Performatively, even. I get to come as often as I want! She shook and wriggled, savoring the sensations as she slammed the vibrating toy in and out of her.. Makes me smart. Satisfied. Feels so good.Quickly Kelly picked up her clothes and dressed, once again the young schoolgirl who went to class with Toms daughter.

General Discussion / Amazing mature hairy ?
« on: March 27, 2019, 06:06:05 AM »
I nodded and watched as he worked his way through the crowd towards the back of the club. Reaching into my purse, I removed my cell, planning to call the agency. Maybe they would have a red-head available. I had just found the number when I heard a voice behind me.She mewed again and giggled, caressing his cheek with one hand, then tickling him under his chin. He giggled and moaned, helpless against this, and for a few minutes, he couldn't think about anything to do with resisting. His whole body was a sensitized instrument, a hair trigger."What's the big deal anyway?" John suddenly said. "It's not like it's not obvious that she's got tits now. She'd still have them even if she wore a sack."Elly had been holding back this entire time.
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Elly leaned in and kissed her again, softly, shortly. "What was that?' she asked, voice high-pitched and breathy, almost wispy. Ia felt her stroking the runerod over her thigh, felt it buzzing faintly. Suddenly, her leg was becoming unbelievably erogenous, and she actually cried out as Elly slowly stroked it with the dildo. "You can't resist this?""Okay," Kelly said, feverishly rubbing her pussy before pulling the skirt on.She felt her nipples getting hard and her pussy getting wet as she lay there and thought about it. God, she loved sex. It had only been a couple of months since she had lost her cherry and she found herself thinking of sex almost all of the time now. Her hands went to her breasts, cupping them as her fingers automatically found her hard erect nipples. One hand slid down between her legs to feel the warm moistness there, a finger finding her erect clit and gently rubbing it."So that's your secret." I said.

General Discussion / Amazing amateur fat ???
« on: March 27, 2019, 05:44:58 AM »
I tried to walk slowly up the stairs, but it was very difficult not to rush or to look back over my shoulder to make sure that Cassidy was going to follow me. Once in the stairwell, I was hidden from the bar.Just a second later, my bathroom door opened and I heard Cassidy walking into my room. I was very distracted, so close to cumming. I was trying to walk from my desk to my bathroom with my aching cock in my hand, trying not to hold it so tight that I rubbed it and came prematurely. I was aware in the periphery of my vision that Cassidy was kneeling in my bathtub, but I was in for another surprise when I finally got to the edge of the tub."This is going to be great," Kelly sighed, feeling thoroughly fucked for the first time in her young life."OK, fine. I guess you'll be making that call, then."
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Grabbing the back of Jenna's head, I gently pushed it down on my husband's cock. Our neighbor's nasty little daughter proved to be a good girl and despite the fact she was still squealing as she came hard into my hand, began bobbing her head. As Doug began to moan continuously, Jenna squirmed against my hand, whimpering as she sucked. My nipples were aching and my pussy was begging for its own release, but right now all that mattered was hearing Jenna squeal in delight and watching Doug move his hips, fucking her willing mouth with his thick cock."Hmmm," Jenna moaned. "I took them off, just before I came to see you at the bar. See how bad I want you?"Ia felt her world falling from beneath her feet, and as she was suspended in the air right now, this was quite a feeling. She drifted in space, her head spinning. She felt the fairies suckle her nipples with their wet cunts, felt the feather tickling her shoulderblades mercilessly, making her shoulders reflexively buck and struggle, and felt, of course, the horrid, exquisite tickling at her clit that drove out all other thought."This. Sit around and talk...and recover." I said.

General Discussion / Crazy really black pussy ?
« on: March 21, 2019, 02:22:23 AM »
Elly's eyes glittered in delight. "Then you'll help me capture and brainwash your friends?"Anne grabbed his hand and leapt to her feet."I'm always happy to see you."Doug had worked as a personal trainer since just out of college and led by example. His shoulders were broad and his arms and chest were a testament to a lifetime of working out as was his still perfect thirty two waist. Slipping my arm around that waist, I sighed. "So, you really have no idea how to do this?"
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   "Well, I'm going in then," Kelly said. "You join me if you want to," she said, stepping down to the edge of the bank and pulling her shirt off over her head, her back to John. Dropping it next to her, she quickly skinned out of her shorts and dove into the river, leaving a gape-mouthed John standing on the bank.Doug nodded. "That's right! They're gone until Tuesday. Your dad asked me to keep an eye on you so"While  most Kama Sutra guides focus on feats meant for the truly acrobaticfun to try but perhaps not sustainableits also important to look at how your favorite sex ..."Or if I knew some older guys that had more experience they could probably tell me how to do things that they like," Kelly went on.

General Discussion / Nice african BBW .
« on: March 21, 2019, 02:18:37 AM »
"Hi, John, how are you?""It was great!" Kelly responded. "I think we'll go to the movies more often. It's a nice way to spend an evening."By this point, Brist's mind had totally surrendered to the sad, wretched truth:"Yes, it is," Kelly agreed, "but there's an early showing and we could be home by 10:00 or 10:30, and I really want to see the movie."
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   I felt movement next to me and saw Doug ease past me and stand behind Jenna. He caught my eye and mouthed, "Goddamn" as he watched us kiss. My attention left Doug when Jenna's tongue pushed against my lips and I opened my mouth to welcome it inside. We both purred softly as her soft wet tongue danced across mine and we began to rock side to side causing our breasts to slide across each other. My nipples had been aching for the last half hour, and I decided it was time there was no clothing between us.Even from a distance, I could see the top half of those creamy white globes and felt my heart skip a beat at the thought of what they would feel like. The black skirt Doug had called out was not just barely down past her ass, but was slit up the side, exposing her skin up to the hip."I'm going to cum," John warned, his hand moving faster and faster."If you don't like it," she said sweetly, "just make me stop."

General Discussion / Wet african BBW ?
« on: March 21, 2019, 02:13:09 AM »
Elly beamed at her. Good girl.Anne, of course, had had at least a dozen orgasms since we changed positions. We were all momentarily exhausted from our pleasures. Panting heavily, and very thirsty, I staggered to my feet while the others remained tangled on the thick rug, which was damp and matted in several places. I knelt briefly, kissed my wife, then smooched Jan, and exchanged a "Fist Tap" with Kent, then rose and stumbled to the kitchen. Grabbing two huge glasses from the cupboard, I filled them with water from the pitcher in the refrigerator. I gulped a few swallows as I strolled back to the rug. I passed the glasses to the ladies, who gratefully accepted and drank thirstily."Damn Kelly," he exclaimed, his hands moving to cup both of her big full tits, his fingers finding her nipples and squeezing them. "You are very beautiful and your tits are really nice."They finished their golf game and piled their bags into the trunk of the car for the ride home. When they arrived at the Henderson's house to drop Tom off, he spoke up instantly.
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   "I can't wait for next time," she said. "Do you really think that dad's other friends would like to fuck me too?" she asked. "I think I'd like that."Anne turned and looked out the window towards Kurt and Anja's place. It was dark outside now. Their lights were on."You can't help it, can you?" The redhead gave him several long, sensuous licks over his neck. "Your mind is just drowning in sexy whispers! You're so horny, you don't have any friggin' room for those nasty li'l thoughts anymore!" Her tongue lingered a little on the last lick, drawing out the agonizingly erotic sensation. Do you? she whispered sweetly in his ear."Go ahead," Doug said, causing me to elbow him in the side. "But, uh, make it quick."

General Discussion / Crazy latinas fat .
« on: March 21, 2019, 02:08:25 AM »
"Kim, my bedroom faces your house. You think I haven't seen those girls come and go?""I wondered about that. I thought you were just happy to see me." Kent chuckled."Hell, no," Tom replied. "I'd like to see everyone your dad has stepped on be able to get back at him. He's a great guy, he just has no class, and fucking his daughter is a great way to let off steam about that.""Mead addicts' hair turns red, silly. Like burnt honey." Mistress Elly's voice sounded so reasonable. It made sense, didn't it? And her voice was so reasonable. So reasonable and sweet and pretty and soft. The paintbrush flicked against Ia's clit a bit faster, making Ia giggle. She felt the fact sinking into her head, like a stone sinking through molasses. How could she refuse Mistress Elly?
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   "Not after what you just said! Let's just go. It was a good idea, but it didn't work, and now I'm afraid she'll say something." I sighed. "Besides, maybe it's for the best. We should be home watching Jenna while she thinks her parents trust her enough to be unwatched.""Isn't that the truth," Tom laughed, agreeing with him. "Come on, I'll give you a ride home now.""I can't think of anything Kelly wouldn't do for $1,000.00," John replied. "Think of Becky. Can you imagine her turning down $1,000.00, for anything?"She was looking over her shoulder at me and grabbing her hips, I turned her so she was now facing Doug. Giving Doug a playful push, I said, "Why don't you sit down for us, baby?"

General Discussion / Hot really black pussy ?
« on: March 21, 2019, 02:06:48 AM »
"Are you talking about....??Stupid, Mistress! Ia shook all over as the paintbrush flicked several times over her clit. Heehee! I'm sooooo stupid fromheeheenot coming! I neeheeheennnneed to come!"Bathroom?" I frowned, and then recalled the blonde girl leaning against the wall with her head down on the phone. "Oh, Jesus," I whispered.Wait?An Erotic Story of Desire & AnticipationWait?An Erotic Story of Desire & Anticipation
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   "Bimbo!" she squealed. She felt a supreme bliss fill her quieting mind as she said the word. She wanted to feel that again. "Bimbo! I'm your b-b-bimbo sluuuut wh-whore!" Oh, gods, how did this feel so good? How?The Bookworm- An Erotic StoryWe embraced each other and passionately kissed each other enjoying the post sex rush of emotions and emotions. I looked into Melissa's brown eyed and whispered "Thank you for making love to me.... I love you!" To which she replied much the same. As Melissa and I began to release each other, Chris and Lynn made their way to the bed, but this time cuddling up th their own spouse. Lynn hugged me and kissed me deeply and passionately telling me how thankful for giving her a chance to have sex with Chris. I echoed the same sentiment and we began to kiss and fondle each other making ourselves ready for another go round.As I had asked, Doug started slow, easing his cock all the way out to the head and gently sliding it back in. I watched transfixed by the sight of my husband's big dick entering her tight pussy.

General Discussion / Crazy ebony fat .
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Previous"No, really, I agree with you," John said. "I didn't realize what a bad sport he is. It makes me uncomfortable too," he said, explaining the bet they had made that morning.I didn't try to hold onto her. As my arms slid from her shoulders, she pointed at me. "So...So you want me to come home with both of you?" She looked back at Doug, and then asked, "You want me to let him watch?""Good morning. We've been waiting for one of you guys to get up and start the fire." I heard Anne say. It must be Janet in the shower, then.
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   Buford took his time in replying, leaving Tiffany in suspense. He realized he could obtain better terms from her now that she had committed herself, making it difficult for her to back out now. He pondered what demands he should make. She was a dance major, so he knew how lithe she was. He thought about this, and then he knew what he wanted. The agreeable thoughts that came to his mind made him smile, much to Tiffany's relief.As she impaled herself atop him, Brist let out a muffled scream. His cock, so long sensitized and tormented, was suddenly being bathed in pure bliss. It was heaven. It was hell. He was so overwhelmed, he almost longed to return to the tickle torture. He wanted to whine, to beg for them to go back to teasing him, to turning him into their permanent tickleslut.I addressed Kurt again. "Anyway, Anne noticed that you have a considerable 'package'. As you can see, Anne is very 'petite'.""I'm sorry, Kelly," he said, conscious of the small towel she was holding around her head. "I didn't mean to cum in you, it just happened."

General Discussion / Wet african ass !
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"If that works for you, it works for me," Cassidy responded. "You want me to be naked when I come in your room?"With lunch complete, Chris and I began to clean up the grill area and the ladies headed down to the galley to clear their portion of the lunch mess and promised to return with a few more drinks and dessert. It had been nearly thirty minutes an Lynn and Melissa had not returned. Chris and I had finished our clean up duties and decided to enjoy the afternoon sun and were now relaxing in just our surf shorts. A few minutes after Chris and I had sat down on the lounge area of the deck, the two ladies came up from below. Lynn and Melissa were carrying drinks as they promised but there was no dessert. Chris and I noticed that both ladies were wearing a towel skirt around their waist covering their bikini bottoms that seemed to be a wet towel on the days sights. After the drinks were handed out, Chris asked where the dessert was. The two ladies smiled and began to remove that terry towel skirt revealing that they had exchanged bikini bottoms while below. OMG!!!! The thoughts of what might be happening began to race through my mind. Lynn sat with me and Melissa joined Chris. It appeared that these two lovely and sexy ladies were the dessert. I was getting hard thinking about what could be happening soon and definitely what would be happening later that night."Oh, yes," Kelly gushed. "Would you please? I'm so hot and wet and I need something.""Secret to what?" He asked, puzzled.
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   The next day, Cassidy didn't come out of her bedroom until almost two in the afternoon. I grew more and more nervous over the course of the day, wondering what she was going to say and if things were going to be really awkward between us. When she finally emerged, yawning and sleepy eyed, she barely acknowledged me as she headed straight for the kitchen and some food."But why the thing about me?" he asked.I wonder what John's doing today, she thought, a smile crossing her face when she thought of her big gorgeous twin brother. She knew all the girls at school got wet whenever they saw him."Here, sweetie." She pursed her lips. "Kiss me. I'll eat that nummy treat up for you."

General Discussion / Crazy latinas ass !!!
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"Did it hurt?""Good morning, everyone," she said, sliding into a seat. "I'm starved.""How?" I put my hands up.We sailed back to the dock as the sun was going down and the four of us relished in the wonderful afternoon that we had just shard. Our discussion was largely centered on the soft swap that we had just shared. We all agreed that as pleasurable as it was, we were not ready to take it further. The boat docked and we assisted Chris in securing the boat. The four of us headed to our cars and before we parted, we all exchanged hugs and kisses and went our separate ways. The entire ride home, Lynn and I talked about our day with Chris and Melissa and when we got home we were both so horny from talking about what happened on the boat, we barely go into the house before we started making love. Over the next week or so, Lynn would pull out Melissas pussy scented G-string and would tease me about the thought of fucking Melissa.
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   "Are they really all that different?" John asked.She reached us. Making sure to keep my eyes on her face only, I said, "Jenna, please, I think you misunderstood what we""It feels weird just sort of... whipping it out in front of you," I said."Yes!" she shouted triumphantly, a bright smile immediately lighting up her pretty face. She actually began bouncing on her toes in excitement. "I mean, I knew you would do it, and this is a lot of points... we can do this however you want, I just need you to make sure to cum in my hair. We talked about it before I left the bar, my team, and you could cum in a condom and just put it in my hair. But the scavenger hunt list says the guy has to cum IN your hair, so just to be safe it would be better if you could actually, you know, do it in my hair"

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"It sure would!" She replied without hesitation.You will also like:"That didn't end too well, now, did it?" Doug asked as I reached him.He accepted the mug and stared down at it, full of dread. The fluid inside was viscous and the color of a creamy amber, like melted butter. It was mead. True mead, the kind the Thriae were known for. Just as addictive and delicious and arousing as the honey, but imbued with a wonderful enough scent to brainwash a man from forty yards, given time.
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   "Hello, John," he said. "And hello, Kelly," he said, taking her hand and leading her off the elevator. "You look very nice tonight, Kelly. Would you like something to drink before we go into my office area?"That Saturday night, Cassidy once again did something I had not expected, and I surprised myself. We went out to drinks with several friends to celebrate our former roommates' upcoming wedding. Cassidy was wearing this short, tight, powder blue dress that showed off all of her fantastic curves. Her smooth, toned legs were on full display, with the hem of her dress ending well above her knees. The dress hugged her round, toned ass, and also clung to the swell of her big, round boobs. The front of the dress scooped low to show off the full tops of her smooth, perky breasts. And I was far from the only one to notice how amazing she looked that night.Mistress smiled sadly. See how dumb you are? You hardly ever get to come, and now you've somehow convinced yourself she's blonde! Poor confused bimbo."She giggled. As the music stopped, I placed a soft kiss on the back of her neck. I let her go, and as she turned to look at me, I saw she was as red as her shirt.

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My cock swelled with desire, and I realized how great it was going to feel to cum on Cassidy. The naked chick with the bouncing boobs in my video was arousing, but the thought of Cassidy waiting in the next room for my cum was electrifying. What I wanted was Cassidy's wet lips wrapped tightly around my cock. What I wanted was to feel Cassidy's smooth breasts in my hands, and to wrap them around my manhood. What I wanted was to deliver my steaming load straight up Cassidy's wet, tight pussy."I have some jerseys and an old sweatshirt that would be big enough for you," Cassidy parried. "You just know you're going to be wrong."I tried to tell myself not to be a pig about it. She was much cleaner than my old roommate, which I liked, and she didn't constantly borrow my groceries. She also offered me leftovers from her dinners, and she was a pretty decent cook. We had separate bedrooms and separate bathrooms, so when I got a little too interested in her attractiveness, I would excuse myself and spend some time reading or watching tv in my room. She watched horrible reality tv shows that were all about drama between women, but other than that we got along okay. Still, it was easy to try to tell myself to calm the fuck down when Cassidy looked particularly sexy getting ready to go out at night, or even leaving for work in the morning. It was a different matter trying to hide my erection when she bounced her way onto the couch in short shorts and a virtually see through white t-shirt, flashed me her dazzling smile, and then changed the channel to something on the E network."I think there's a good chance," he answered.
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   I opened my arms as if to hug her, and Cassidy walked into my embrace. She did look hot that night, the smooth fabric of the powder blue dress hugging her firm ass and big, round breasts. When she hugged me tentatively, I felt the firmness of her boobs as they pressed against my chest. I dropped my hands to Cassidy's waist, quickly and forcefully spinning her so that she was facing the mirror over the bathroom sink with her back to me. I pressed my groin against the back of her toned ass, pleased to feel my erection quickly growing."Now that I have some spare cash, I wanted to show you how much I appreciate what you've done for me." She hesitated, then asked, "May I come in? I wanted to ask you something.""No, I said we'd discussed it. No plans though.""Sometimes, we go for a few hours, off and on. It not always sex all night long. They're friends, too. Just like you two are." I explained.

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"You have a talent," Cassidy told me afterwards, and she quickly pulled back on her sweat pants and headed for her room. "I'm so glad we made this deal."After a while, we decided to enter the club itself where to my chagrin I discovered the dress code banned bikinis, so if any of the young lovelies from the beach wanted in they would have to get dressed. My disappointment was short-lived as once inside it was apparent the club didn't require a lot of clothing, just not bathing suits."Oh, Mr. Henderson, that feels so nice," Kelly said, letting her arms go around his head and hold him close to her body.We fell back asleep in each others arms till nearly noon. We woke to find that Chris and Melissa had already gotten up and left a note for us to meet them in the lobby restaurant. We cleaned up and headed downstairs to meet our friends and lovers. Melissa was sitting next to Chris holding his arm and tenderly loving her husband. Lynn likewise held my hand like we were newlyweds; we met Chris and Melissa and headed off to lunch. We had a wonderful afternoon sharing more conversation and talking about the events of the past two nights. Unlike the previous two nights, Lynn stayed close to me and thats what I wanted, it was the same with Chris and Melissa. When we returned to the hotel to check out and leave for home, the girls gave the guys tender kisses on their cheeks and hugged each other. Chris and I once again exchanged bro hugs, we both complimented the other on how lucky we were, not only having the amazing wives that we have but also for getting a chance to have sex with the other guys wife.
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   "Okay," she agreed, putting her soda down and then pul-ling her t-shirt up over her head, leaving her standing there in her bra and skirt.My heart skipped a beat for one desperate second, fearing that Cassidy would refuse me in order to stay with the two guys who were hitting on her. But after a quick second deciding, Cassidy replied with a big smile. "Okay."That night, I did exactly what my loving wife told me to do. I fucked her like I would have if she were Melissa. Now this wasnt the first time that we had given each other permission to fantasize about having sex with someone else, but never had it been someone we actually knew. I guess Lynn felt my animalistic and carnal desires that night and she too fucked me like she hadnt in years. That night, Lynn and I fucked three times and she blew me four times and she even sucked me following me shooting my load in her. Normally, Lynn wont suck on my cock once its covered in her pussy juice but that night she sucked me hard following one of my orgasms in her. My only wish was that I could have seen everything Lynn had done to me that night.John followed, a smile on his face and his cock getting hard again in his pants as he watched her.

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It was hard to name the emotions churning through me, but it definitely felt like jealousy. I was uncomfortable examining how I felt, particularly as I watched Cassidy laugh and smile brightly at these two strangers. But it quickly dawned on me that I had a solution."You were jerking off," Cassidy said matter-of-factly."But Ia!" Elly made a face of mock shock. "That doesn't sound like something a brave knight would say!"TO BE CONTINUED...
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   "We better go, Kelly," John advised, again checking his watch once more."So how would your sister figure into this?" Tom asked a smile on his face.I turned around blushing in embarrassment as I made my way through the crowd hoping no one had heard her. We were going to have to get out of here and quick.I looked over at Doug and saw his eyes locked onto her legs. I had to clear my throat to get him to look up. "Jenna wants to dance, Doug, but can you please tell her we have to leave?"

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