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General Discussion / Wet party BBW ???
« on: March 27, 2019, 06:34:05 AM »
LELO Sex Position of the Week: The Push & Pull"Silly tickleslut," hissed the redhead in his ear, nibbling his earlobe affectionately. "He doesn't wanna fight! He doesn't wanna cum! He told us himself!""Why so shy, honey? Why don't you see how excited Doug is to be playing with those pretty tits of yours?""You ate my pussy so nice," Kelly purred, kissing him. "Will you fuck me now?"
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I lifted my gaze from her fingers and when our eyes met, a shiver ran through my body. And now? We were beyond words, because it was impossible for anyone to express everything that this made me feel. And even if they existed, I would have been unable to formulate a sentence at all. But no, we did not have to talk either, because our eyes connected and they said it all, silently but without question."I have some jerseys and an old sweatshirt that would be big enough for you," Cassidy parried. "You just know you're going to be wrong."Think about it, Elly cooed. You're so crazy-dumb with horniness right now, you're screaming over a silly little paintbrush! But me? She lowered the runerod again and shoved it into herself, moaning loudly. Performatively, even. I get to come as often as I want! She shook and wriggled, savoring the sensations as she slammed the vibrating toy in and out of her.. Makes me smart. Satisfied. Feels so good.Quickly Kelly picked up her clothes and dressed, once again the young schoolgirl who went to class with Toms daughter.

General Discussion / Amazing mature hairy ?
« on: March 27, 2019, 06:06:05 AM »
I nodded and watched as he worked his way through the crowd towards the back of the club. Reaching into my purse, I removed my cell, planning to call the agency. Maybe they would have a red-head available. I had just found the number when I heard a voice behind me.She mewed again and giggled, caressing his cheek with one hand, then tickling him under his chin. He giggled and moaned, helpless against this, and for a few minutes, he couldn't think about anything to do with resisting. His whole body was a sensitized instrument, a hair trigger."What's the big deal anyway?" John suddenly said. "It's not like it's not obvious that she's got tits now. She'd still have them even if she wore a sack."Elly had been holding back this entire time.
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Elly leaned in and kissed her again, softly, shortly. "What was that?' she asked, voice high-pitched and breathy, almost wispy. Ia felt her stroking the runerod over her thigh, felt it buzzing faintly. Suddenly, her leg was becoming unbelievably erogenous, and she actually cried out as Elly slowly stroked it with the dildo. "You can't resist this?""Okay," Kelly said, feverishly rubbing her pussy before pulling the skirt on.She felt her nipples getting hard and her pussy getting wet as she lay there and thought about it. God, she loved sex. It had only been a couple of months since she had lost her cherry and she found herself thinking of sex almost all of the time now. Her hands went to her breasts, cupping them as her fingers automatically found her hard erect nipples. One hand slid down between her legs to feel the warm moistness there, a finger finding her erect clit and gently rubbing it."So that's your secret." I said.

General Discussion / Amazing amateur fat ???
« on: March 27, 2019, 05:44:58 AM »
I tried to walk slowly up the stairs, but it was very difficult not to rush or to look back over my shoulder to make sure that Cassidy was going to follow me. Once in the stairwell, I was hidden from the bar.Just a second later, my bathroom door opened and I heard Cassidy walking into my room. I was very distracted, so close to cumming. I was trying to walk from my desk to my bathroom with my aching cock in my hand, trying not to hold it so tight that I rubbed it and came prematurely. I was aware in the periphery of my vision that Cassidy was kneeling in my bathtub, but I was in for another surprise when I finally got to the edge of the tub."This is going to be great," Kelly sighed, feeling thoroughly fucked for the first time in her young life."OK, fine. I guess you'll be making that call, then."
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Grabbing the back of Jenna's head, I gently pushed it down on my husband's cock. Our neighbor's nasty little daughter proved to be a good girl and despite the fact she was still squealing as she came hard into my hand, began bobbing her head. As Doug began to moan continuously, Jenna squirmed against my hand, whimpering as she sucked. My nipples were aching and my pussy was begging for its own release, but right now all that mattered was hearing Jenna squeal in delight and watching Doug move his hips, fucking her willing mouth with his thick cock."Hmmm," Jenna moaned. "I took them off, just before I came to see you at the bar. See how bad I want you?"Ia felt her world falling from beneath her feet, and as she was suspended in the air right now, this was quite a feeling. She drifted in space, her head spinning. She felt the fairies suckle her nipples with their wet cunts, felt the feather tickling her shoulderblades mercilessly, making her shoulders reflexively buck and struggle, and felt, of course, the horrid, exquisite tickling at her clit that drove out all other thought."This. Sit around and talk...and recover." I said.

General Discussion / Amazing black pussy ???
« on: March 20, 2019, 06:08:18 AM »
Kent and I exchanged grins again. The dishes where done enough, and the drinks ready. We were naked, and still sporting decent erections. Hot, horny women awaited us beyond the door. I had one more question; "So, are we all up to the same room, full swap thing, or what?" I asked him."This place isn't about proper. It's about fun!" She laughed. "Besides, you weren't caring about proper with that redhead!""Now that I have some spare cash, I wanted to show you how much I appreciate what you've done for me." She hesitated, then asked, "May I come in? I wanted to ask you something."He himself was just topping 6' in height and weighed an even 170 lbs. He loved sports and was constantly looking at his muscles in the mirror in disbelief as his body became more and more defined. He couldn't wait until he was full grown like his father.
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"Not if you're with me," Kelly replied, smiling at him. "Did you talk to him?" she asked, sinking down on the grass next to him."Oh, they're asleep," she said. "Once they knew I was home they turned their light off. So do you want to hear about my date?" she asked softly.I had to lean way forward over the bowl, but managed to begin my task without too much difficulty. Jan chatted with me while I finished.At first Anne was content merely to pump my shaft within her fist. I had Janet on the verge of coming, and paid little heed when my wife began gently tugging at me. Jan started to thrash about, rhythmically at first, when suddenly she convulsed violently, clamping her thighs tightly against my head. An intense shudder coursed through her body, startling me. I stopped licking for a few seconds, until she relaxed a bit. Her juices flowed freely down my chin. As soon as she would calm down a bit, settling back into the fur, I'd tickle her clit once more with my tongue. This would trigger another orgasm in her. I kept doing this to her until she began to giggle, begging me to stop for a moment. Her pussy twitched against my lips as she gasped for breath.

General Discussion / Beatiful black fat ???
« on: March 20, 2019, 04:09:22 AM »
That sound sent a shiver down my spine, and, I eagerly fastened my lips around her right nipple.As the song continued, I guided her around so that she was now facing Doug, and then began swaying back and forth again, keeping her there."What's that mean?" I asked."So instead of hiding it from each other like it's this dirty, mysterious thing, I think we should just embrace our desires and our physical needs and be open about them," she continued. "It wasn't SHOCKING to me or anything to find you masturbating in your room, of course you jerk off sometimes, every guy does."
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Jenna's face lit up. Turning to face him, she exclaimed, "Hi, Mr. Wilson!""For what?" Kelly asked, staring at him, her mouth hanging open."But I thought you were absolutely certain that there was no way you would lose to me in a year," John said. "Have you changed your mind?"During the course of our meal, the conversation became more and more sexually explicit. Kent was the main instigator, of course, followed closely by Anne. But now, Janet was beginning to take more of a role in encouraging them, too. Then Jan noticed Anne had spilled on her front, right about her nipple, and pointed it out to everyone. Kent leapt from his chair and rushed to Anne. He bent his head and lapped away the spot on her tank top, playing with her nipple through the material with his tongue as he did. That had been the most blatant contact I had ever seen between them. Then Anne said, "I think it soaked through" and lifted her shirt, exposing one erect nipple. Down went Kent again, this time smothering her entire breast with his mouth. Just as quickly, he jumped back to his seat. Though comical, it clearly paved the way for greater intimate contact. No sooner had Kent sat down, than he deliberately dropped a morsel into his own lap.

General Discussion / Hot black BBW .
« on: March 20, 2019, 03:13:11 AM »
"We've got to be careful about mom and dad though," John reminded her.No one cared enough to save her.Further, she had always been impressed by the way this backwoods farmer communed with Nature, as if he understood what the hills and lakes were saying to him, and the plants and animals too; and he had just confessed to her that her nether lips spoke to him as well; and she had to admit, a bit ruefully, that when they were so utterly exposed as they were in Buford's depiction of them, especially in front of a man like Buford, well, they really were just begging for abuse, and even deserved it, since she couldn't really fault him for giving in to their entreaties."Mornin', Kent. How was the coffee?" I grinned slyly at him.
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While I slowly applied deep red to my lips, I looked over at my heart's current desire. From this close, I could see that despite the makeup she appeared even younger, and I had no doubt she was just eighteen. Her big blue eyes were focused on her face as she applied her own pink lipstick and I dropped my gaze to stare at her amazing cleavage. Her creamy white breasts were bigger than my own rather ample chest and I could all but feel them beneath my touch. With her red hair and fair complexion, I could just imagine how pink her nipples would be, which meant her pussy would be as well."Yup," I replied casually, "If now is okay with you."Tiffany took a deep breath. She had been wanting to ask Buford for a while, but had always been too embarrassed to ask. She shifted uncomfortably, then said, "It's about your old boots.""It certainly does," said Buford. "But, to get back to the story: I flipped you over onto your back then, and pressed on your pussy again with my boot. You spread your legs wide in response, and I could see that your pussy lips were still splayed apart, like your legs. I pulled my stool up and sat down." Buford licked his lips in anticipation of what came next, savoring the memory. "I placed a boot on each lip and pressed down and slowly started working them around, in circles, up and down, from side to side, in different directions."

General Discussion / Beatiful really black pussy ?
« on: March 15, 2019, 10:17:25 AM »
What beautiful children I have, Karin thought wistfully as she watched them retreat down the hall. I'm so lucky, she thought."But you wouldn't really do it, would you?" Kelly asked.I shook my head. "I don't know. Couldn't go wrong with any of them.""...but Lee is definitely thicker." It was my turn for the Victors' grin.
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"What do you mean?" John asked, always interested in anything that involved making money."Oh, god, this feels so good that it?s almost unbelievable," Kelly hissed, wriggling her hips until she had his entire eight inch peter buried inside of her pussy. "What a cock! Becky's father?" she asked, slowly rocking her hips back and forth."I would, thank you."Even as she masturbated, the catgirl sensuously drew the paintbrush across Ia's pussy lips in several long strokes, then returned to spiraling around the clit. Ia's mind was in torturous fireworks.

General Discussion / Amazing really black fat ???
« on: March 15, 2019, 09:36:13 AM »
"Duh." The brunette snickered. "Look at this little toy. I musta frigged myself, like, ten times!" And the slick spot on Brist's leg could attest to it.Jenna let my waist go. Placing her hands on my shoulders, she urged me to turn around. I spun to face her and she immediately stepped closer to me. Raising her arms over her head, she did a slow, sexy shimmy all the way down to the floor. I gasped at the feeling of her hands on the backs of my knees. As she began to work her way back up, her soft hands slid all the way up the back of my legs right up under my skirt."I bet they'll do just fine," Jenna said from next to me."To let some guy fuck you," John said.
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As I had asked, Doug started slow, easing his cock all the way out to the head and gently sliding it back in. I watched transfixed by the sight of my husband's big dick entering her tight pussy."Well, how about tomorrow night?" Tom asked. "Can you get out on a week night?"Tiffany nodded. "Okay." She paused again to collect her thoughts, then began: "The first time you did it, you caught me completely by surprise. Usually, you ask me whether I'll do something, and then when I hesitate, you give me an alternative that doesn't seem much better; but this time you didn't say anything before you stuck the toe of your boot in my pussy." Tiffany could hardly believe she had just said that, but she could hardly believe the events of the past year either. It had been an unbelievable year. There was never a dull day at Buford's chicken farm.By the time they got to school, Kelly declared that she had cum at least a dozen times on the way, and John wasn't inclined to disbelieve her, seeing how soaked her seat was with her pussy juices.

General Discussion / Amazing ebony pussy ?
« on: March 15, 2019, 09:17:52 AM »
"Yeah, it's our turn, now." Demanded Jan."Oh, you know," Kelly said, laying back down, her hands behind her head."Not really. I just dried my hair, but..." she answered with that provocative smile again."I don't know, maybe tomorrow," John said.
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"Oh, Mr. Henderson, that feels so nice," Kelly said, letting her arms go around his head and hold him close to her body.Kent and Janet watched with keen interest, but kept up their questioning. Occasionally Anne would pull my member from her lips long enough to elaborate on something I said, but for the most part concentrated on giving me exquisite head. Jan played with Kent's cock as I talked. She whispered something to Kent, which made him smile, and then she slid down to suck his cock, too. Kent and I continued talking, though our wives were increasingly distracting to both of us.August 15, 2017"Is your pussy still tight?" He whispered to her.

General Discussion / Amazing black BBW .
« on: March 14, 2019, 06:57:17 AM »
"Is that your only problem with the idea and she is 18 years old?" John asked, smiling. "I'm still in high school too. Wouldn't you feel like you had really gotten back at him, and without him even knowing about it?"She came to stand in front of him, biting one lip, and reached down to touch his cock. He couldn't move. Her fingers stroked gently over his member, making his very soul quiver. "It's all out for me an' everything," she whispered in wonder. "Oh, good boy."Buford had left her in that position while he explained the coming procedure. Tiffany remembered hearing him say that no more than an inch or so of exposed rubber hose was needed to attach the funnel, so it simply made sense to stow the unneeded length of hose in Tiffany's backside in order to get it out of the way. Buford had droned on and on until he saw her relax and let her guard down. This was the moment he had been waiting for: Like a shot, he had nailed the bull's-eye at the center of the target Tiffany had set up for him, causing her to gasp and rock forward as the hard rubber forced its way into her secret entrance."No, that won't work. They'll just keep coming back. You'll have to kill them to make them stop stinging your nipples. Your nipples are really hurting now, so quick, crush the wasps. They have really hard shells, so you'll have to squeeze as hard as you can." The girl groaned as she pinched her nipples hard, trying to kill the wasps.
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"Well, if you keep thinking like this I wouldn't doubt it for a minute," Tom agreed.Cassidy's pretty face looked up at mine, her eyes surprisingly full of gratitude. "Thanks, I really appreciate this."I looked over my shoulder at Cassidy. She was wearing one of her tight little black skirts with matching black jacket over a white top. It always impressed me that she looked sexy and deliciously curvy no matter what type of clothes she was wearing."We almost got caught, Kelly," John complained, trying to stuff his gooey cock back into his pants.

General Discussion / Nice negro ass ?
« on: March 14, 2019, 06:52:49 AM »
"It sure would!" She replied without hesitation."Hundreds, thousands of people." Kent roared, laughing.Elly was holding a long, thin paintbrush.Not without Elly's permission, anyways.
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"So, are they all pretty much the same?""Thank you, it's been chilly in here, see." She said, sweetly."Come over here." I offered her my hand. She eased back on the rug. Anne found a pillow nearby, and handed it to me without rising. Anja lifted her lovely bottom, and I tucked the pillow under her. She spread her legs to me. I crawled on top of her, and Anja's arm swept around my neck, clutching me tightly. She waited until my cock penetrated her fully before locking her ankles behind my back. Her pussy firmly gripped my cock, pleasantly surprising me. I fucked her nice and slow. Our foreheads touched as we both bent our necks downward to watch my cock slide in and out of her pussy."It's one of the reasons," he admitted. "But I also wanted you because I think you're a very beautiful young girl and you go to school with my daughter.

General Discussion / Wet negro BBW .
« on: March 14, 2019, 06:01:01 AM »
"My parents raised me to be a good girl!" she giggled, then cried out. I had slid my hand up between her legs, and slipped two fingers into her sopping wet pussy. "Yes!" she moaned her hips rocking back into my fingers.Janet looked at me, "So, what should we do?"He laughed. "My mom never looked like you! Age doesn't matter, hot is hot!""My little Ia really proved me wrong," Mistress Elly hissed, as Ia cried out from the tickling on her thigh. It felt heavenly. It was horrible. "I thought I could break her, but look how strong she is! She's already held up ten minutes!"
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"Cassidy," I tried to warn as her warm mouth continued to slide up and down my pole, "I'm going to cum.""You ready to really get fucked?" I asked."Hi, mom," Kelly panted. "We'll be right in," she said as John's cock exploded inside of her, his cum splashing deep into her pussy and she desperately wanted to keep fucking.Check Also

General Discussion / Crazy african BBW !
« on: March 13, 2019, 01:01:24 PM »
"I don't like to wear them," Kelly said, feeling his fingers pressing into the crack of her ass as he squeezed her cheeks. "That sure feels good, Mr. Henderson," she said, enjoying the sensation. "Does it excite you too?" she asked, letting a hand drop down between their bodies to cover his hard cock in his pants.Kent sank to his knees between Anne's legs. He glanced at first at Jan, then me, before lowering his face to nuzzle Anne's bald snatch. Jan and I watched them for a moment or two before she took my arm and pulled me down on the rug beside them. Janet lay back on the rug, wriggled a bit to get comfortable, and gracefully raised her knees upward, spreading them to me. I lay flat before her, my face close to her furry treat. I curled my arms under her thighs and ran my nose upward through her downy bush. Jan purred her approval. Anne was already moaning softly beside us as my tongue delved into Jan's warm pussy. I lazily licked around her wet lips a while before seeking out her clitoris with the tip of my tongue. I teased her at first; quick, sharp little licks that made her jump a bit. Jan soon tired of my game, and grasped my head firmly between her palms, forcefully holding my mouth against her pussy. My tongue now whipped rapidly back and forth across her clit. I was rewarded with a series of gasps that soon turned to deep, throaty moans. Anne was now fully into her cycle of orgasms. My wife is very, very multi-orgasmic, much to Kent's delight. Her loud cries filled the room, and her body writhed energetically on the white fur."Sweetie, don't worry." I assured her, "I think everything will be just fine.""I know," Cassidy said quietly. "I told you, I'm sorry about that."
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My wife has a very tight pussy. She gets concerned about guys with huge dicks hurting her. I examined Kurt's prick a little more thoughtfully."I understand you could help me pay back your father a bit for being such a shit," he said out of the blue to John."How about like this?" I asked, looking at Cassidy's bl"I'm sure of it," John said. "But are you sure you want to do this?"

General Discussion / Beatiful negro fat !!!
« on: March 13, 2019, 12:58:17 PM »
"Oh, it's so nice," she said when she had extricated his cock from his pants, her hand wrapped around it. "Can I suck on it for a little while?"They finished dinner, helped clean up, and John and Kelly wandered back to Kelly's room.Check AlsoBefore she knew what was happening, John had flipped her onto her back, his cock still inside of her but with him on top, and he began slamming his cock into her, fucking her like crazy, trying to expiate the excitement of the evening as quickly as possible; he had watched her fuck Tom and he had to just stand there as all of that went on.
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"Really?" John asked, flopping down on his stomach to hide his erection.John groaned as he exploded, filling Kelly's mouth with his hot cum as she gulped it down.She scrambled up the embankment and John was treated to the sight of her ass and pussy from behind as he moved up the bank."There's no way it's true," Cassidy insisted loudly. "It's a respected institution! There's no way the university would let bad people cheapen the value of a degree from UNC just to help out some athletes. You'll see!"

General Discussion / Amazing ebony pussy ?
« on: March 13, 2019, 12:06:40 PM »
Beating half limp meat is not a lot of fun, but I couldn't get myself to concentrate. And then I focused on what was really happening here. Beautiful Cassidy was asking me, even convincing me to cum in her hair. Cassidy, with the big, beautiful breasts and the tight little ass, NEEDED me to cum on her. Cassidy, with the pretty face, and full, soft lips, wanted ME to cum on her.She turned and smiled at me with her perfect white teeth and mischievous blue eyes and said, "Can I ask you to go down on me again?" Less than five minutes later, Cassidy was pulling my face into her pussy as she came hard while riding my tongue. Afterwards, I looked up at her, a sleepy smile on her slightly sweaty face, her chest red with arousal, and thought she could not have looked prettier."Right." He nodded and looked at me."You're just suuuch a fun toy!" the redhead purred. "So horny. So needy. I think you're my new favorite, tickleslut!"
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"Sure you can," Jason agreed expansively. "It'll be good practice for you and you can watch me teach him another lesson."Without a word, Anne began stripping, and was nude in seconds.To my incredible embarrassment, I could feel my face flushing bright red AND my cock growing a little from the attention.As much as I was enjoying those caresses, how the intensity of the sensation was seeming to swallow me whole, I reached up to the edge to stop myself falling completely, and put my own hand between her thighs.

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